On2 Proposes New HD Transmission Standard to ATSC

On2 Technologies is proposing that its VP5 video compression technology be used as a potential new standard for HDTV transmission in the U.S.

The company recently submitted its proposal to the ATSC, which is seeking information on new technologies for advanced video and audio codecs for robust transmission of digital broadcast signals, particularly in areas with difficult reception.

On2, which specializes in video compression codecs, claims that its VP5's field- based techniques allow it to cut bit-rates by as much as half of existing codecs and that it is the first proprietary codec to "properly" handle interlaced material.

"On2 is an appropriate contender for high definition broadcast transmission at reduced bitrates," says Dan Miller, founder and CTO of On2. VP5 is the perfect match for their [ATSC's] needs."

On2 licenses its video codecs for use in set-top boxes, consumer-electronics devices and wireless applications. Recently, ABC, the BBC and New Zealand's TVNZ announced that they would use On2's compression technology in their satellite videophone and laptop-based newsgathering systems to transmit video from Iraq.