Omneon launches Spectrum HD media server

The new model provides integrated playback of high-definition video content

Omneon Video Networks has introduced the Spectrum HD, the latest configuration of the company's scalable media server.

The new model provides integrated playback of high-definition (HD) video content, and when configured with other components in the Omneon Spectrum family, it allows broadcasters to ingest, store, and playback SD and HD content simultaneously from a single system, using a common pool of shared storage.

The system incorporates two new real-time media interface adapters to provide a complete system configuration for HD material acquisition and playback. Media ingest is based on the new MediaPort 4010, which combines HD MPEG-2 ingest with MPEG Transport Stream (MTS) demux in a single device. The MediaPort 4010 demultiplexes MTS into independent video and audio elementary streams while maintaining frame-accurate synchronization.

HD playout is based on the new MultiPort 4002 playout interface adapter, which features built-in decoding capability for MPEG-2 HD video, thereby eliminating the need for external HD decoders. The adapter offers playout for two independent channels of MPEG-2 HD video — each with up to 16 embedded audio channels — within a single 1RU device. Multiple MultiPort 4002 devices can be combined to create multichannel systems as large as required.

Additionally, the adapter can be combined with other Omneon Spectrum I/O devices to create multiformat video server systems to support both SD and HD playout in a broadcast operation.

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