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Omneon Acquires Castify Networks

Omneon is purchasing Castify Networks, a U.K.-based software development firm.

Castify provides software for managing distribution of content via the Internet and private Intranets. Combining Omneon's storage systems for digital content with Castify control and management software will allow users to implement cost-efficient delivery platforms, Omneon said.

"Castify's full-featured distribution management infrastructure combined with our digital content storage systems will provide our customers with an integrated solution for managing media across their networks, however large and extended they might be", said Joe Kennedy, president and CEO of Omneon. "As our customers move to file-based workflows, our strategy is to provide the digital content infrastructure they need to efficiently and cost-effectively manage their assets".

Existing products from Castify allow users to distribute, monitor and manage media assets from any location. The company had earlier announced support for Omneon's MediaGrid hardware product.