Oklahoma City station deploys TVUPack to support strategic programming shift

KSBI-TV, an independent station in Oklahoma City, has deployed the TVU Networks TVUPack to provide viewers with live local entertainment.

In late 2010, KSBI adjusted its programming strategy to focus on providing local live entertainment mixed with syndicated programming. According to Jerry Hart, VP of operations for KSBI, the decision to focus on live local entertainment was a strategic move to keep the station viable in a competitive marketplace.

“KSBI is one of the last independent TV stations in the region,” says Hart. “Our whole purpose is to be a local station. We don’t do news. We want to do local entertainment mixed with syndicated programming. No way you can do this kind of TV without live capabilities.”

By deploying TVUPack, KSBI was able to identify ways to broadcast local events, including high school sports and the Oklahoma State Fair. KSBI’s coverage of local high school football has become one of its flagship programs.

“TVUPack enables us to broadcast live from six different high schools each night. If you can get a cameraperson to the game, you can get a live feed. It’s so simple to set up, nobody has to run cable or configure the pack to broadcast,” explains Hart.

TVUPack also enabled KSBI to eliminate considerable expenses that would result from upgrading the station’s satellite and microwave ENG infrastructure. According to Hart, the station has saved more than $200,000 in operational costs by deploying TVUPack.

“Sat trucks are traditionally expensive,” explains Hart. “In addition to the cost of the equipment, they also require an engineer to run them and a driver with a CDL to drive them. On top of that, you need to buy airtime, and you can’t miss your broadcast windows.”

TVUPack is powered by TVU’s Inverse StatMux technology, which dynamically segments a live video signal and transmits the segments through multiple independent 3G/4G/Wi-Fi/WiMax connections.