Ohio Church Uses Hitachi Cameras for Video Production

WOODBURY, N.Y.—After nearly 75 years of serving its congregation, Grace Church of Wooster, Ohio sought to add a video element to its services. To do so, it acquired Z-HD5000 HDTV cameras from Hitachi within the last year.

Grace Church has two venues for its attendees. The first is a “contemporary” venue that hosts a live speaker in a transformed gymnasium. The church uses two of its Z-HD5000 cameras to magnify the service on large screens at the location, and audio and video feeds of the sermons for distribution to the separate “traditional” auditorium. Clips from the services are later posted online.

According to the church’s video producer, Drew Boatner, the cameras offer easy use and set-up, allowing volunteers to quickly learn how to operate them.

The Z-HD5000 cameras feature Fujinon lenses and are connected to Hitachi’s CU-HD1500 camera control units and RU-1000 control panels. It also features an AMX network video recorder.