OET grants Telcordia permission to begin operations in Virginia county

The Office of Engineering and Technology said in mid-April that it would permit Telcordia Technologies to begin providing TV bands database service in Nottoway County, VA.

The database service is an essential component of the commission’s vision for use of the television band by unlicensed devices. For the Nottoway County application, combination of a newly certified Adaptrum TV bands radio system and Telcordia’s database will be used.

The set up will provide high-speed broadband service at 20 sites serving rural schools and homes, the OET said. On April 19, the Adaptrum ACRS device was awarded the certificate. The Telcordia database was approved for operation in late March. However, the FCC told Telcordia it would not be allowed to put its system into full operation until the agency completed its system of registering large venues where many unlicensed wireless mics are used. The agency said it would consider requests from Telcordia to operate in a limited area with before completion of the venue registration.

According to OET, the Telcordia request to operate in Nottoway County is consistent with the agency’s plans. Therefore, the company will be allowed to operate in the county.

The OET noted that until the FCC registration system for wireless mics is operational, those who seek protection for a large number of unlicensed wireless mics must submit a registration request to the OET.

According to OET, “entities responsible for venues of events and productions/shows that use large numbers of wireless microphones at well defined times that cannot be accommodated in the two channels specifically reserved for wireless microphones and other channels that are not available for use by TV bands devices (TVBDs) at that location may request protection of such venues through registration.”