NXP Tiner Decodes ATSC, DVB-T and DMBT-H

European-based chipmaker NXP this week introduced the SAA7231, a low-power half-mini-card form factor tuner that supports analog, DVB-T, ATSC, and DMBT-H reception. The SAA7231 accepts IF signals from up to three RF tuners and allows any combination of two broadcast streams to be decoded and captured concurrently. It also processes analog baseband signals.

The company touts the SAA7231 as a device that will allow television viewers in North America, Europe and Asia to view HD content directly via notebook PCs. The product was specifically developed to provide functionality and enhanced battery life and features a minimized form factor and allows extended viewing and recording of TV programs on PCs.

Although the unit supports ATSC, the NXP Product Brochure doesn't mention it.