NVISION NV8288 router a hit at NAB

NVISION's 3Gb/s HD-SDI routers enable users to develop systems that accommodate the 1080p HD standard.

At NAB2006, NVISION's new NV8288 digital video router, powered by Gennum's 3Gb/s SDI chipset, received a lot of attention from attendees. Integrating the 3Gb/s chipset into NVISION routing systems gives customers an upward migration path for future high bandwidth requirements.

The 3Gb/s HD-SDI routers are fully compliant with the emerging SMPTE 424M standard. This chipset operates at speeds up to 3Gb/s, enabling users to accommodate the 1080p HD standard and will also be used in other high bandwidth applications such as 3-D HDTV, digital cinema, and slow motion image capture.

The NV8288 delivers the same high level of performance and reliability of the company's large-scale studio routers at half the size (10RU), half the depth (12in deep), half the weight (approximately 150lb), and half the power consumption (less than 2kW). Additionally, the Gennum 3Gb/s technology enables superior equalization and re-clocking functions.

For more information, visit www.nvision.tv.

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