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NVIDIA Demos 3D Online Streaming

With the help of Microsoft, NVIDIA has formulated a way to allow 3D streaming online and some of its early product lines are now available. Of course, you'll need a specially equipped PC or notebook, proprietary and free software, and special stereoscopic 3D glasses to do it at home.

In its latest demo last week in Taiwan, NVIDIA used a 3D Vision-brand PC — along with Microsoft's Silverlight player software and streaming technology from IIS. The demo (streaming a 3D music video of "We Are the World" 3D) was designed to prove that enabling 3D live streaming via an Internet browser was simple to use.

The big "if" in the emerging technology is whether enough potential gamers and other users will find it compelling enough to purchase the required 3D-centric equipment in order to see (or game) 3D on the small screen. That new arsenal of resources would include no less than a NVIDIA 3D Vision-based desktop or notebook PC (opens in new tab), the latest proprietary 3D drivers, the Silverlight browser plug-in from Microsoft, and the prerequisite eyeglasses.

As for the 3D content itself, all applicable Web sites would have to use NVIDIA's 3D Vision-based streaming technology. (Apparently the early sites are for video gamers.) According to NVIDIA's own Web site, 3D Vision-enhanced PCs and other hardware are becoming available from a variety of makers in a wide array of price points.