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Nucomm upgrades ChannelMaster 7 split-box portable microwave link system

Nucomm has upgraded its ChannelMaster 7 series split-box portable microwave link system.

The new features to the ChannelMaster 7 series include DVB-S modulation (in addition to the FM analog and DVB-T/VSB digital options already available), new tripod/mounting hardware and a new user interface. These revised features further expand the already advanced features of SD/HD transmission capability and multiband operation.

Customers have been asking for a product that supports higher data rates than those available with standard 8MHz DVB-T (which is up to 31.7Mb/s). Nucomm responded to by adding an additional software modulation mode DVB-S (DSNG), enabling more than twice the data rates of DVB-T. The ChannelMaster 7 offers four modulation modes integrated into the same reliable hardware platform (FM, VSB, DVB-T and DVB-DSNG).

Nucomm’s entire ENG/OB product line is capable of HD operation using built-in encoding/decoding technology. All 7 series products can be delivered with HD capability or delivered as SD and can be easily field-upgraded to HD via a software key. Prior to the introduction of the company’s 7 series, Nucomm’s HD product line consisted of the CamPac 2 HD/SD wireless camera transmitter and Newscaster DR HD/SD diversity receiver. The 7 series displaces the SD product line as Nucomm’s new standard.

All 7 series products still contain the features and capabilities of previous products, including multiple modulation modes (VSB, COFDM, DVB-S, and FM), dual/triband RF outputs and ease of operation.

Included among the products making up the 7 series are the ChannelMaster TX7 portable transmitter, the ChannelMaster RX7 portable receiver, the Newscaster VT7 ENG/OB van transmitter and the Newscaster CR7 central receiver.