Nucomm Gear Helps ‘Truth’ in Manhattan

Nucomm microwave equipment—a combination of five Nucomm CamPac 2 HD/SD COFDM camera-back transmitters and five Nucomm Newscaster DR HD/SD COFDM microwave receivers—was used in the production of five anti-tobacco television ads, part of the “Truth” campaign.

With a different commercial shot each day over the course of a week at various outdoor Manhattan locations, Tom D’ Angelo, director of All Mobile Video’s rental division, said the production posed many challenges, all of which were overcome by applying Nucomm’s technology.

“The production presented both difficult and interesting production obstacles as we were not working within a studio, but rather outdoors and changing locations daily,” said D’Angelo. “On top of this, each location required multichannel wireless transmission in Manhattan, the largest broadcast market in the country, which always presents concern for frequency band congestion and allocation. In using Nucomm’s CamPac 2s and Newscaster diversity receivers, we were able to establish a highly robust and flexible system that proved efficient on all counts regardless of our location.”

The ads, dubbed the “Truth” campaign, are designed to engage teens by exposing tobacco companies’ marketing and manufacturing practices and illustrating the consequences of tobacco use.

Nucomm is part of The Vitec Group.