Non-PC devices to drive home networking growth, says ABI Research

The market for home networking hardware has reached maturity with many consumers in developed economies having already installed home network hardware to share the Internet among their PCs, according to ABI Research.

Although most haven’t yet connected non-PC devices to their network, ABI Research projects that in time, non-PC devices will be the core driver of overall home networking growth.

This year, 92 million network-enabled consumer electronics and media devices will be shipped, the research firm said. By 2012, that number will grow to 460 million, which will exceed the 368 million network-enabled home gateways, routers, network adapters and home network storage products it forecasts will be shipped the same year.

Emerging markets, such as China and India, as well as continued growth in Japan and Australia, will result in the Asia-Pacific region becoming the largest overall home networking market. Total home networks in Asia-Pac will grow from 29 million in 2007 to 85 million by 2012, with China accounting for nearly half of these.

ABI Research’s new “Home Networking and Digital Home Network Market Analysis” explores the segments of the home networking and networked entertainment market.

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