Nintendo Says No HD for 'Wii'

Famed electronics game designer Shigeru Miyamoto recently defended Nintendo's decision not to incorporate HD technology into the firm's next-gen system (Wii) -- but says the console's eventual successor no doubt will be an HD system.

Wii is scheduled to debut in time for the important 2006 holiday season, and according to published reports, nearly all the Nintendo buzz centers on the innovative remote control which allows players to closely assimilate themselves as game characters by using arm and hand movements in a sort of "body English" (which, the company reasoned, players have always used anyway). Rival PS3 reportedly will offer a similar remote option.

Miyamoto told reporters at a recent unveiling of the new Wii game title "Super Smash Brothers" in L.A., "Obviously if we had decided to create an HD system, we could have very easily." He said a videogame isn't just graphics, but rather, a combination of an interface used for interaction -- along with graphics, audio, and maybe the network. "We thought at this time, going in the HD direction was leaning too much to the graphics."