Nigeria’s Nollywood Movies contracts with ABS for playout services

Advanced Broadcast Services (ABS) will provide comprehensive playout service s to Nollywood Movies, one of the first Nigerian 24-hour movie channels to launch on the BSkyb digital platform (on channel 331).

Transmitting across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland, the new 24/7 channel offers subscribers more than 30 different movies per month, including new and recent releases by major production companies in Nigeria. Most Nollywood Movies content is broadcast in English plus a proportion in other Nigerian languages with English subtitles.

Located at Park Royal, West London, ABS provides its low-cost, fully-managed playout, transmission and broadcast facilities to a wide range of clients and subscription services. The playout operations center currently supports 40 television channels, staffed by a team of fully qualified technical and operational personnel using ultra-modern equipment and facilities.

Videotapes dubs are ingested into the digital file-based system at ABS and transmitted in accordance with a rotating e-mailed schedule to provide a round-the-clock service. As with other clients, ABS receives an electronic playlist showing the order in which programs and interstitituals are to be play out. The playlist goes straight into the server system, which automatically checks that all specified content is available. Any missing content is then notified to the sender. ABS also provides support services including quality control, an in-house studio and promo editing.

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