Nielsen to Track Research with Wegener Encoder

Nielsen Media Research has tapped Wegener Corp., a leading provider of equipment for television, audio and data distribution networks, to develop and manufacture the new SpoTTrac Encoder for broadcast verification and commercial tracking services.

Wegener's SpoTTrac Encoder is a turnkey workstation that will encode both the audio and video of television commercials, public service announcements, and other spots with Nielsen Media Research content identification information, as they are being produced and distributed. The tracked data will be collected and integrated into Nielsen Tracking Service's reporting and performance management tools. Nielsen Tracking Services, a division of Nielsen Media Research, is a syndicated offering for advertising agencies, advertisers, public relations companies, broadcasters, producers, and non-profit organizations.

"We selected Wegener for this project because it has a fast turnaround timeline and requires high quality manufacturing," stated Robert A. Luff, CTO for Nielsen. "Our experience with Wegener has been positive. We know our teams can work together to successfully deploy SpoTTrac Encoders on time and on budget."

Wegener, based in Duluth, Ga., currently manufactures the NAVE IICTM Encoder for Nielsen Media Research, which integrates audio watermarking technology into digital transmissions.