Nielsen To Provide TV Connected Device Data by Brand

NEW YORK—TV metric provider Nielsen announced that, effective April 25, 2016, it will make brand-level data for streaming video devices and game consoles available. The sampling will include connected peripherals such as Xbox, Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, Nintendo and Wii boxes. In addition, Nielsen will add information from enabled smart TVs.

Clients will be able to track how many homes across the country own TV-connected devices, which brands that they own, and the growth of these brands over time. Clients will also be able to study how much time people spend with these devices overall and, for Nielsen measured content, link viewing to programs to these specific devices.

This new data is from Nielsen’s national television panel. The 40,000 households that comprise the National panel contain over 100,000 TV sets and over 50,000 TV connected devices measured by Nielsen, the firm said.

In addition to brand-level data, Nielsen is creating a new viewing source bucket called Total Use of Television that adds TV-connected device usage to traditional television usage for a complete view of the use of the TV set.

“The granularity of the brand-level data for TV-connected devices provides clients with in-depth insights into which devices consumers are using to access video content through their TV screens,” said Sara Erichson, executive vice president of Client Solutions and Audience Insights for Nielsen. “The ability to know how many consumers use which brands of TV connected devices, for how often and for how long, is critical for clients who need to make informed content decisions and understand their total audience.”