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Nielsen Company, Google establish strategic relationship

The Nielsen Company and Google have established a multiyear strategic relationship. As a first step, the relationship leverages Nielsen's experience in TV audience measurement to bring demographic data to the Google TV Ads advertising platform. By combining Nielsen demographic data with aggregated set-top box data, Google can provide advertisers and agencies with comprehensive information to help them create better ads for viewers and maximize the return on their advertising spending.

Google TV Ads is an online platform for buying, selling, measuring and delivering TV ads. The platform, which has been operational since May, includes advertising inventory across hundreds of channels. Google TV Ads has the ability to report second-by-second set-top box data so advertisers can evaluate the reach of an ad and only pay for actual set-top box impressions. Advertisers can better understand exactly how their ad is performing and make near-real-time changes to their TV advertising campaigns to deliver better ads to viewers.

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