Nice Shoes gets lots of Spirit

New York-based post house Nice Shoes has purchased three new Grass Valley Spirit 2K DataCine systems to color correct commercials in half the time it would usually take working in a traditional color correct studio, according to Nice Shoes.

A loyal Grass Valley customer since its purchase of the original Spirit systems in 1999, the investment in three Spirits is valued at more than $3.5 million. The company also has three Grass Valley Specter 2K virtual telecine systems. Completing its Grass Valley film imaging workflow, the facility also owns a Grass Valley Viper FilmStream digital cinematography camera.

Typically, spots brought in to Nice Shoes are shot on film. They then scan them to a server at 2K resolution, allowing the graphics and visual effects work to be done from the digital files. The finished spot is graded and output to a 24fps (Panasonic) D-5 universal master. The latest Grass Valley Spirit system offers RGB 2K image scanning and can be upgraded to 4K operation in the future.

Internally, all of the Grass Valley systems are connected to a GSN-switched, high-speed data network, offering complete flexibility to work wherever and however an operator wants in the facility and have access to all Spirit 2K and Specter system’s controls. This network, which also supports the Grass Valley Bones image processing software, includes 40TB of storage as well.

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