Nexidia QC v2.3 Now Shipping

ATLANTA — Nexidia announced that Nexidia QC v2.3 is now shipping. QC is Nexidia’s software tool for automating quality control of closed captions, video description, and languages for broadcast and IP workflows.

In use at CBS, CNN, Comcast, PBS, Scripps Networks Interactive Inc., and Turner Networks, Nexidia QC v2.3 has been integrated with the Telestream Vantage file-based workflow automation system, Dalet’s AmberFin Unified QC platform, the Evertz Mediator content management and workflow solution, and the Aspera Orchestrator workflow automation system.

Nexidia QC v2.3 features an optional automated caption-retiming action for live captioned content. By testing for and automatically repairing out-of-sync captions due to drift or other reasons, recaptioning or manual realignment can be avoided. A caption review player allows users to review reported caption errors and compare caption synchronization before and after the automated retiming.

In addition, Nexidia QC v2.3 expands to 15 the list of languages available for the spoken-language verification function, and the enhanced implementation alerts users when the spoken language is not one of the potential languages identified in the test profile. Tested across a broad set of media, the accuracy was greater than 97 percent, Nexidia said.

Nexidia QC v2.3 includes support for EBU-STL and EBU-TT, the most widely used caption formats in Europe, as well as the iTunes Timed Text and SRT formats — additions that build upon existing support for SCC, SMPTE-TT, SAMI, and Cheetah CAP. Nexidia QC v2.3 can also identify the language of the captions independent of the audio track or any language metadata included in the file.