NewsNet Brings Election Coverage to LPTVs

(Image credit: NewsNet)

CADILLAC, Mich.—Viewers looking for the latest election night info next Tuesday, Nov. 3, will have another option to tune into, as NewsNet has announced that it is providing its own election coverage to its affiliates, including, for the first time, low-power TV stations.

NewsNet’s live election coverage will begin at the start of the network’s Evening Edition, which airs from 8 p.m.-midnight ET. Coverage will continue on the network’s Nightside Edition, running from midnight-4 a.m. ET.

NewsNet’s coverage will include live updates on election data at the top of every half hour, as well as additional updates as news breaks on election results.

“NewsNet was built with over-the-air broadcasters in mind,” explained Eric Wotila, president of NewsNet. “And a subset of those over-the-air broadcasters—the low-power TV stations found in almost every market across the country—have never had the opportunity to carry live election coverage before. Thanks to NewsNet, they’ll be a viable option for election coverage this coming Tuesday.”