News24 in India kicks off with digital news workflow

News24, a new 24/7 news channel being launched in India, is using the OCTOPUS newsroom computer system to bind various media production systems together into an operating complex.

Used by 80 journalists, OCTOPUS is the core of a fully digital news workflow for News24. Video is ingested using Aveco automation connected to Omneon video servers. Apple Final Cut Pro is used to edit video and create final clips. Smooth MOS integration between Aveco and the newsroom computer system assists OCTOPUS users in previewing low-resolution files and using clips as packages or voice-overs for the stories. OCTOPUS Video Twister is used to generate proxies from high-resolution material.

To create stories, journalists use incoming information received from wire feeds, RSS feeds and SMS messages. Embedded ActiveX control by Vizrt lets journalists create simple or more-sophisticated graphics directly inside OCTOPUS and link them to parts of stories. Editorial status reports give rundown managers a clear view of where stories stand.

Show creation and archiving is done automatically via OCTOPUS’ built-in scheduler. Rundowns are created with preprepared stories and bumpers according to templates defined by channel management. Once rundowns are ready and filled with content, OCTOPUS MOS connection assures media playlists are delivered to proper devices. Graphics playlists are pushed to Vizrt's Content Pilot and video media goes to Aveco's Astra playout module. An Autoscript teleprompter is used to get story scripts to the presenter's desk. Any change made during a newscast is immediately resent to all affected devices, making it possible to bring last-minute news to air as needed.

Benchmark Microsystems in India installed the system.

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