News foundation announces workshops to prepare media, community leaders for terror

Newsrooms across the country are ill-prepared to respond to the informational needs of their viewers in the event of another terrorist attack if the lack of crisis planning among the media and the dearth of understanding among local government leaders about the vital role of the media in times of disaster are indications.

To help media organizations and local communities prepare, the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation, the National Academies and the U.S. Department of Homeland Security will produce 10 workshops to provide guidance to journalists and public information officers on potential terrorists threats and how best to respond to the informational needs of the public.

The “News and Terrorism: Communicating in a Crisis” workshops will feature a scenario exercise, tailored for each session, in which a small group of journalists, government officials and experts react to a simulated chemical, biological, radiological or nuclear terrorist incident. The day-long program also will include useful scientific information, self-protection advice and disaster planning.

Each workshop will involve about 100 participants, including journalists and news managers in radio, television, cable and print; public information officers; science and public health experts; emergency managers and other officials. Participants will gain knowledge, resources and contacts that will prove invaluable if their communities are attacked.

Workshop dates are:

  • Chicago, July 22
  • Portland, OR, Aug. 2004
  • Kansas City, MO, Sept. 2004
  • Philadelphia, Oct. 2004
  • Miami, Dec. 2004
  • Austin, TX, Jan. 2005
  • Atlanta, March 2005
  • San Francisco, April 2005
  • Denver, June 2005
  • Boston, July 2005

Visit the Radio and Television News Directors Foundation for more information.

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