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New Video Enhancing Service Looks to Find Ghosts

NASHVILLE, TENN.—The creator of a new Hidden Intelligence Tracking (HIT) technology is seeking crowdfunding under the auspices of helping users capture video proof that they are actually seeing ghosts, or other paranormal activity.

HIT creator Joe DiMare said with their image enhancing technology, anyone can shoot a 30-second video and submit it to have minor changes in light and motion amplified to reveal evidence of the paranormal. DiMare has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise $49,999 by August 5 to speed the video rendering process and expand other computer capabilities so that more videos can be processed quicker.

Hidden Intelligence Tracking works like a microscope for video, revealing minute changes in motion and light. Taking a whole new approach to ghost chasing, DiMare said HIT works like a microscope for video, revealing minute changes in motion and light. Users can take a 1080-pixel HD video with an iPhone, an Android device, or a digital camera and submit the video for processing via Google Drive or the HIT app. The amplified video will then be emailed back to the user.

"HIT shows the hidden details in your own videos," said DiMare. "It redefines the paranormal in our everyday lives."

The technology is being targeted at videographers, private detectives, students, educators, and anyone interested in "seeing a greater truth." DiMare said HIT utilizes the same techniques that astronomers use to discover new planets, but the rendering process for one short video requires an entire computer's capabilities for several days. The crowdfunding campaign will help create a rendering cluster so that multiple videos can be rendered simultaneously.

By creating a light- and motion-rendering cluster of computers, DiMare said he will have a "super-computer" ready to render several videos at once.

"I will be able to render multiple videos in one or two hours with the rendering cluster," said DiMare.

Supporters of the campaign will receive discounted rates on 30-second video rendering. For example, supporters who pledge $10 will receive 10 videos rendered, those who pledge $40 will receive 60 videos rendered, and those who pledge $80 will receive 125 videos rendered. All pledge levels come with a "Ghost Guarantee."

"With our Ghost Guarantee, we promise to find a ghost on your video if you follow our instruction video," said DiMare. "Let us help you see what is standing right in front of you."