New Receivers for DRM Shown at IBC

Attendees of IBC 2003 saw a sample of the Digital Radio Mondale (DRM) receivers that will be available in 2004. Digital Radio Mondale is a digital audio broadcast system designed for use below 30 MHz. BBC R&D showed an updated version of its professional DRM monitoring receiver that includes full diversity reception capability. It has the ability to receive signals in parallel from two GPS synchronized transmitters operating on different frequencies. Coding Technologies has a new DRM receiver that plugs into the USB port of a computer, making it ideal for travelers. It can also receive analog broadcasts on long-wave, medium wave, short wave and FM broadcast bands. Fraunhofer IIS' NewsBox DRM radio is designed to fit into a 19-inch hi-fi tuner rack. It will play DRM audio and supports the NewsService Journaline text data application. More information is available in the DRM IBC Press Release.

If you are interested in experimenting with DRM, visit, the DRM Software Radio Web site. See my June 23 RF Report for more information on DRM.