New NBC HD Truck Equipped With Canon Lenses

NEP Sharpshooters has outfitted NBC's newest HD mobile production unit with Canon lenses.

Among the Canon lenses purchased are the XJ100x9.3B IE-D Digisuper 100xs long field models and HJ11ex4.7B IRSE portable wide-angle HD units. The truck, which will carry 21 Canon field and portable lenses as part of its payload, will be used for a variety of high-definition applications, including golf and football coverage.

"The big challenge for mobile vendors like NEP Supershooters is that each component on the truck has to be reliable--everything is mission-critical," said George Hoover, senior vice president of engineering for NEP Broadcasting. "What stands out again and again is the level of confidence and support you get when you use Canon lenses. The expectation of the client is that everything is going to work, and in terms of coming through on that promise, Canon assures flawless performance."