New ‘Melrose Place’ Produced With Sony HD Cameras

The new version of the television series “Melrose Place” is being produced with the assistance of Sony high-definition video cameras.

The company’s F35 models are being used as the main cameras in the production, with the PMW-EX3 camcorder handling scenes that need a more compact and mobile capture tool.

As with the original series, exciting visuals and scenery are foremost, but the director of photography, Chris Faloona, advises that the new production “is not your parent’s ‘Melrose Place.’”

“It’s definitely a different-looking show, and people are going to be pleasantly surprised at the stylistic direction we’ve taken,” Faloona said. “It’s very colorful, yet very dramatically lit. The look is moody with a lot of contrast. It’s not a flat, brightly lit show at all. But we still try to show off iconic Los Angeles with all the colors and beautiful people. Both cameras help us do this really well.”

Show plans call for the PMW-EX3 to also appear on-camera, as used by one of the show’s leading characters Jonah Miller, an aspiring filmmaker, played by Michael Rady.

“There’s even dialogue in the pilot where Jonah is talking to a producer about using the new EX3,” said executive producer/director Greg Beeman.

According to the script, the camera will actually be used by Rady, with footage being intercut with that of the F35s.

The new “Melrose Place” premiered Sept. 8 on the CW television network.