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New Media Expo: FLV Hosting Compresses HD for Web Sites

FLV Hosting has released the next-generation of its Hi Def Encoder V1, a PC-based application for consumers that the firm said compresses large HD videos into smaller and more manageable file sizes while maintaining much of the original image quality.

The encoder, to be on display at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas, Aug. 14-16, is designed to allow Web sites to display (and users to view) HD videos quickly upon user prompting—which is not practical for large HD files on most computers without compression.

FLV Hosting said the proliferation of HD camcorders and cameras at the consumer level allows users to view HD video on their PC monitors, but viewing such video online has proven difficult. The firm said its new Encoder V1 can reduce original video file sizes by as much as 7x without noticeable image loss.