New Kodak Still Camera Includes 720p

Kodak, a well-known brand name not often associated with HD video, said its newest digital still camera in its EasyShare line is the first on the market to also provide 720p video, albeit in very limited amounts.

According to a review in Popular Mechanics, the EasyShare V1253 has a good “high-def feel” to it. but because of the unit’s tiny size (which normally would be a plus), it’s hard to record HD video without noticeable shaking—thus requiring the need for a tripod in many instances, even though the still cam does have an anti-shake mechanism.

The still cam’s autofocus also struggles in low-light situations, said the magazine, although it concludes that a well-lighted scene with a tripod will produce a “richly rewarded” quality on an HD monitor. The 1 GB memory card is good for a few minutes of HD, depending on what’s being recorded.