New HD SkyCam used for NASCAR coverage on FOX

FOX Sports' HDTV coverage of the recent Dodge/Save Mart 350 NASCAR race featured use of a high data rate wireless HD technology system developed by El Monte, CA,-based HD-Wireless.

The system helped the network overcome some of the bandwidth limitations of delivering high data rate HD signals. At the heart of the system is an RF modem capable of delivering up to 80Mb/s via a 6.5GHz link. With a special modem, the company said it is able to multiplex several high data rate bit streams at the transmitter and deliver quality HD to the receiver.

At the racetrack in Sonoma, HD-Wireless teamed up with Gyron Systems International, a manufacturer of gyrostabilized gimbaled camera systems, to install a two-channel HD system into a Twin-Cessna Skymaster aircraft. With the system they provided FOX Sports and HDNet producers with continuous aerial coverage for the duration of the weekend's races.

During the races, two feeds were transmitted from the aircraft on a single RF channel. The primary feed was from the Gyron Ball that was used to track the action on the ground and the secondary was from a wingtip-mounted camera that gave the director an alternative POV. The primary feed was set to 42.5Mb/s.

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