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New Harris Videotek T&M Products Cross DTV Spectrum

MELBOURNE, FLA. and DENVER: Harris announced new additions to its Videotek test-and-measurement portfolio that cross the digital television spectrum for quality control. The new products solve a host of signal monitoring and measurement challenges for 3 Gbps signals, DTV transport streams and audio loudness compliance.

The Videotek TVM-VTM-JEM3 multiformat jitter evaluation monitor is intended for mobile production trucks and central machine rooms. Its built-in test generator confirms jitter tolerance to ensure SMPTE video standards compliance, providing five jitter levels and frequencies ranging from 50 to 500 kHz. The unit also measures SDI signal integrity.

Harris also adds loudness compliance to its successful Videotek Multi-Source Analyzer Series of products (MSA-100 and MSA-300). A new option measures input signals and issues alarms for non-compliant audio. Harris also has a software upgrade prototype that integrates its LLM-1770 loudness logger and monitor with Harris ADC automation to provide as-run records of loudness levels for recently-aired programming.

Harris also announces the following new Videotek products and upgrades:

~ A free ASI-STAR software upgrade adds ISDB-Tb (Brazilian DTV standard) support for handheld signal compliance checking.
~ The DDM-600 ATSC demodulator takes RF in and outputs ASI to monitor off-air DTT signals.
~ The TSC-110 transport stream converter translates ASI and SMPTE 310M signals.
~ The VSX-11-3G multi-format changeover system performs automatic switching of 11 primary inputs to secondary inputs for mission-critical signal redundancy.