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New Harris DVB-H/T Transposer Offers Increased Adjacent Channel Suppression

Harris Corp.announced the introduction of its Atlas TVU-D665 modular DVB-T/DVB-H transposer system at BIRTV in Beijing, China last weekend. Harris said the Atlas TVU-D665 uses unique digital IF filtering technology to achieve suppression of adjacent channel emissions by more than 75 dB, a level that cannot be achieved with conventional SAW filter components. The transposer system achieves this filtering with minimum processing delay, giving it an advantage in single frequency network (SFN) network applications. An adaptive echo cancellation feature is available as an option to improve performance in SFN applications.

For more information on this transposer, see the Harris release Harris Corp. Announces Unique Digital IF Filtering for TVU-D665 DVB-H/DVB-T Transposer Filtering and other features make the TVU-D665 ideal for Single Frequency Networks (SFNs).