New global summit will examine the future of terrestrial broadcast television

A new international summit Nov. 10-11 will bring together technology leaders from around the globe to focus on the future of terrestrial broadcast television.

The Future of Broadcast Television (FOBTV) Global Summit, scheduled for Shanghai, China, is being organized by television broadcast associations, research labs and standards development organizations, including the Advanced Television Systems Committee, from around the world to foster collaboration and exchange information on technical advances. The summit will include discussions aimed at developing common strategies for the future of OTA TV.

"I believe that we are entering a Renaissance period for terrestrial broadcasting" said Mark Richer, president of the Advanced Television Systems Committee and co-chair of the FOBTV Organizing Committee. "The FOBTV Summit will bring together experts from around the world to discuss the strategic direction of our industry."

According to Keiichi Kubota, director general of NHK Science & Technology Research Laboratories and co-chair of the FOBTV Organizing Committee, many organizations from around the globe are thinking and working on next-generation TV broadcast systems.

The National Engineering Research Center of Digital Television, China will host the event. NERC, established in 2010, is a leading high-tech institution co-founded by Shanghai Jiao Tong University and other digital TV research institutes, manufacturers, broadcasters and agencies.

The program will cover:
The Role of Broadcasting in the Broadband Ecosystem
Attributes of a Next Generation Terrestrial Broadcast System
The Spectrum Squeeze
Technologies on the Horizon
Roundtable/Panel Discussions on the Future of Broadcasting.