New exciters and low power transmitters from Rohde & Schwarz

The Rohde & Schwarz SV702 digital exciter, which is a compact 2RU, is a new development. Modulation is now performed by a chip developed and produced especially for Rohde & Schwarz. This chip yields a stable and largely interference-free pure signal.

Also new from the company are two 12.5 W or 25 W amplifiers. The SV7000 models use the same technology as the Rohde & Schwarz high-power and medium-power transmitters, which are easy to operate.

R&S says that the new TV transmitters are ideal for covering areas that cannot be reached by the main transmitter or for improving indoor reception if the output power of the main transmitter is too low. They also allow mobile reception by increasing network density. If datacasting applications are planned, small-cell network structures can be set up with the aid of these transmitters.

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