New England Broadcaster Taps Volicon

New England regional cable network NECN needed a new workflow to replace their tape-based system and found it with Volicon.

The Observer Enterprise is a tapeless, 24/7, automatic video logging and monitoring system. Authorized users can access the system via the web to perform tasks including programming evaluation and advertisement verification.

Observer Enterprise continuously records and logs content being broadcast on NECN’s two HD channels. Content can be searched using either a multi-platform, Microsoft Silverlight-based interface, or the traditional Observer Enterprise-level interface. The process of creating off-air tape dubs to be painstakingly scanned for specific footage is a thing of the past. NECN has estimated the timed saved going tapeless with Observer Enterprise as “three person days a month.”

The new system is useful to personnel besides production, as the traffic department can assess whether or not a certain commercial aired, and to verify that paid graphic inserts were shown. The sales department can send clips to potential clients and guests can see the segment in which they stared.