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New Consortium Pushes Mobile Content to TV

It's no longer uncommon to connect your large-screen HD set with a PC, and now it seems the makers of tiny screens want to do the same. Makers of smart phones and other small mobile devices such as Nokia, Samsung, Silicon Image, Sony and Toshiba have joined together to form the MHL (Mobile High-definition Link) Consortium, which is tasked with establishing a mobile audio/video interface standard.

The new standard would set the parameters for the direct connection of cell phones and other portable consumer electronics to large-screen HD displays. The standard, as currently specified, would feature a single cable with a low pin-count interface that is able to support up to 1080p--while providing a power source to the mobile device simultaneously. (Thus, a smart phone can feed a full-length movie to a large-screen HD set without draining its own power, and then still be available for other immediate uses after playback.)

This pursuit is not related to the recently sanctioned ATSC Mobile TV standard for broadcasters.

The MHL Consortium is making available an abridged draft spec for review at its Web site.