Nevion Unveils Managed Media Platform, VideoIPath

LAS VEGAS —Nevion will showcase VideoIPath—its end-to-end managed media solution including newly enhanced management software—at NAB, booth No. SU3117. The platform encompasses comprehensive media transport, signal processing and monitoring to enable streamlined, fully managed media services. Combining Nevion’s transport hardware with management and control, the complete system provides the intelligence, network awareness and control capability needed to bridge the gap between a transport infrastructure and mission critical media services—managed from a single interface.

The system’s hardware components, including Ventura transport modules provide a media transport solution for every bandwidth. Nevion’s low latency JPEG 2000 codecs strike the ideal balance between quality and bandwidth utilization, while new H.264 solutions provide compression for bandwidth-limited environments.

Nevion will showcase VideoIPath 3.0, at NAB, including support for the full range of Nevion products including the Video Gateway series for IP transport and nSure monitoring and switching products resulting from Nevion’s merger with T-VIPS. In addition, VideoIPath now supports security features, where access to critical network resources is protected by authentication, authorization and privacy mechanisms, allowing service providers to control users’ access to resources.

VideoIPath is built on a distributed database and distributed processing model from the ground up. Multiple hardware servers provide high redundancy for zero loss of functionality or performance should one of the servers go down. VideoIPath’s modular architecture allows customization to fit specific needs. The platform consists of a number of apps that can be launched from any standard Web browser, enabling the creation of custom apps for specific purposes.