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Netstream deploys Agama end-to-end IPTV monitoring

Agama Technologies, the DTV quality assurance vendor, has supplied Swiss wholesaler Netstream with a complete end-to-end monitoring package for IPTV. The installation allows monitoring of service quality from creation to consumption, supporting Netstream in both problem discovery and ability to ensure that SLAs are met.

Netstream has been a wholesale provider of managed IPTV services to telecommunications carriers in Switzerland since 2006. This allows telecom operators to enter the IPTV market with branded services, but without the pain of deployment and for that matter quality assurance. But now Netstream decided it needed to improve its monitoring capabilities to meet rising expectations for high-quality HD IPTV services.

The Agama Analyzer H-E allows Netstream to detect audio and video content conditions, with complete verification of all IPTV service layers in several points within the headend. The Agama Analyzer NET allows real-time monitoring after encryption in the headend and both before and after the interconnect points between Netstream's IP core and the distribution network to the wholesale partners. Then the Agama Embedded Monitoring integrated with Entone’s Amulet G1 supports service quality monitoring across all the STBs for both linear and on-demand programming.