Netflix and TiVo partner on movie delivery

Netflix and TiVo announced a partnership last week that will deliver the Netflix instant video service to TiVo’s HD-compatible digital video recorders. Users will be able to receive television shows and movies on ordinary televisions sets over the Internet instead of through traditional broadcast, cable or satellite networks.

Netflix has been aggressively improving its digital offerings, and now has 12,000 movies and television shows that subscribers can view instantly over the Web at no additional cost.

Netflix and TiVo have begun testing the service and are expected to make it available to all owners of TiVo devices in December. There will be no extra charge for TiVo subscribers who also have one of Netflix’s unlimited subscription plans.

Those who get TiVo’s service on a partner’s set-top box — like those from DIRECTV or Comcast —will not have access to the Netflix video service. TiVo hopes that Internet deals like its Netflix partnership can help it sell more of its own devices, which make up only a fraction of the DVR market.

“For us this is very much aimed at new customers,” Tom Rogers, chief executive of TiVo, told the “New York Times.” “There are 9 million Netflix subscribers out there who are movie lovers and who want something that really adds juice to their overall television experience.”