Net Insight Delivers Telco TV to Rural Alaska

The Matanuska Telephone Association (MTA) in Matanuska, Alaska is now using Net Insight's Nimbra technology to deliver video, voice and data over digital subscriber link (DSL) lines. Digital television services, such as on-demand pay-per-view programming can now be delivered over the system.

The Nimbra platform from Net Insight uses an Ethernet interface, which works with many popular computer and consumer electronics devices. By the end of 2004, MTA expects to roll the service out to nearly 18,000 subscribers, using the copper telephone lines already in place.

Net Insight also has the Nimbra platform deployed at Midwest Tel Net, a consortium of independent telcos in southern Wisconsin. Broadcasters and television networks, including ABC and MSNBC, also use Nimbra technology for video transport.