NEP Sharpshooters Deploys For-A Video Writers

Pittsburgh-based NEP Sharpshooters has procured four For-A FVW-500HS Video Writers for use in the company’s high-definition production and support vehicles. The For-A technology allows operators to add hand drawings or sketches to SD or HD video content in real time via a touch screen user interface.

“We were looking for a telestrator that could work in both HD and SD since we have a number of our customers still televising in SD,” said Glen Levine, vice president of mobile engineering at NEP Sharpshooters. “This unit switches formats easily with no need for extra aspect ratio converters--it is user friendly. We’ve made minor adjustments throughout the (golf) season and worked with For-A to updated software to simplify operations, but overall the product has needed minimal tweaking.”

NEP is responsible for annually covering more than 100 golf events for several clients, including the Golf Channel and ERT.

The For-A FVW-500HS includes pre-programmed graphics shapes, but also allows operators to add line and free-hand drawings.