Nearly one-quarter of TV BAS licensees have signed deals as deadline approaches

As the deadline for completion of the 2GHz TV Broadcast Auxiliary Service (BAS) relocation project draws nearer, 22 percent of the BAS licensees have completed contracts with Sprint Nextel, the company said.

According to an announcement on the Web site, some of the more recent broadcasters to have executed a frequency relocation agreement include KMEX-TV in Los Angeles; KTOO-TV in Juneau, AK; KVBC in Las Vegas; KNOP-TV in North Platte, NE; and KVOA in Tucson, AZ.

The FCC has given the telecommunications company and TV BAS licensees until Sept. 7 to complete the relocation of BAS spectrum usage from 1990MHz-2110MHz to 2025MHz-2110MHz as part of larger frequency exchange that will give the existing BAS channel 1 to Sprint Nextel for its frequency at 700MHz and 800MHz plus financial consideration. Under the plan, Sprint Nextel will pay for the new microwave equipment and its installation.

The FCC agreed to this plan as part of its effort to resolve the interference problems of emergency responders.

A chart on the Web site identifies about 45 stations that have signed deals with Sprint Nextel. According to the company, the list represents a subset of all the deals reached to date.

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