Nearly 6 Million 8K TVs to Ship In 2022, Says New Report

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AUSTIN, TEXAS—In less than five years, the number of 8K flat panel TVs sold annually will reach nearly 6 million and the manufacturing cost of an 8K 65-inch LCD panel will drop from $1,000 today to $595 in 2021. Those are among some of the findings in a new report from Display Supply Chain Consultants and Insight Media. The report, “Outlook on 8K TV,” forecasts that China will account for 60 percent of the 5.8 million 8K flat panel TVs sold in 2022.

Industry plans envision a significant expansion in Gen. 10.5 manufacturing capacity that will enable 65-and 75-inch 8K LCD and OLED TVs. Production of substrates for the displays will grow from last year’s 8 million square meters to 75 million square meters in 2022, the report says. However, there will be challenges to the growth of 8K TVs, including a substantial increase in the cost of backlights and driver circuitry.

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The report also examines the latest tech developments in 8K, including: production equipment, distribution systems, connectivity and display factors that will make 8K possible. It also examines in detail the cost of 8K TV LCD and OLED display panels and forecasts the outlook for 8K through 2022.

Insight Media brings expertise in cinema, broadcast and ProAV issues to the report, while DCSS draws on its insight into flat panel displays and costs associated with the 8K ecosystem.

The report examines:

· The 2020 Tokyo Olympics, which Japanese broadcaster NHK plans to broadcast in 8K;

· 8K cameras from Hitachi, Astrodesign, Ikegami, Sharp and Sony;

· Transmission parameters for 8K satellite distribution;

· The HDMI Forum’s activities to address connectivity as well as other connection solutions;

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Phil Kurz

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