NBC Sports improves Super Bowl production efficiency with ProCast CDN

NBC Sports used the Omneon ProCast CDN content distribution platform during its broadcast of Super Bowl XLIII to move large HD graphics and audio files from NBC’s facilities in New York to Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay, FL, for on-air production on game day.

Leading up to and during the game Feb. 1, NBC Sports used ProCast CDN technology to deliver graphics files in a fraction of the time normally required for such transfers. ProCast also enabled NBC Sports to more efficiently manage its resources. The Omneon solution allowed the graphics team and equipment to remain in New York rather than move to Tampa Bay for the game.

ProCast CDN optimizes file transfers over any IP network, delivering increased efficiency over great distances. Incorporating advanced WAN acceleration technology, network management and bandwidth prioritization, ProCast CDN let NBC Sports initiate, monitor and manage large file transfers. Files were sent over a DS3 network, backed up by a 20Mb/s VPN Internet circuit with automatic failover. With the ability to set QoS limits on the system, NBC engineers ensured they got maximum use out of the link without saturating the data circuit.

Prior to working with ProCast CDN, NBC Sports performed much of its Super Bowl graphics work locally and relied on slower, complex FTP media transfers.