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NBC Olympics selects Snell & Wilcox standards conversion gear

Following their successful use at the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia, the NBC Olympics team one again has chosen the Snell & Wilcox Alchemist Platinum Ph.C and Mach1 standards converters to handle all of its standard-definition material for its coverage of the Olympic Games in Athens.

Snell & Wilcox is supplying NBC Olympics with 22 motion-compensated converters, including six Alchemist Platinum Ph.C converters and16 Kudos Plus Mach1 M.Sc standards converters. The Alchemist Platinum Ph.C units will reside at the Olympics' International Broadcast Center (IBC) to convert outgoing signals and some incoming feeds between 625 (PAL) and 525 (NTSC) SD formats as required. The Mach1 converters will convert backup outgoing signals at the IBC and will be housed in edit rooms and at various Olympic venues for conversion of source material shot in 525.

Representing the sixth-generation of Ph.C converters developed by Snell & Wilcox, the Alchemist Platinum Ph.C uses proprietary phase correlation motion compensation technology to ensure high-quality image processing.

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