NBA Eastern Conference Flies High in HD with Helinet

Helinet Aviation Services is providing live, high-definition aerial shots from its Cinelflex hiDEF camera platform to TNT for the NBA Eastern Conference finals.

The helicopter services company will broadcast the Detroit Pistons and Miami Heat in HD from The Palace of Auburn Hills and the America Airlines Arena. The Finals concludes a year in which the company provided TNT with live, aerial HD during 14 regular season NBC games.

"HD brings sports broadcasting to an entirely new level," said Alan Purwin, CEO of Helinet Aviation Services.

The 67-pound Cinelflex hiDEF camera system was developed using the Sony HDC-950 and the new HDC-F950 line of HD cameras. It offers 16:9 and 4:3 aspect ratios, and a two-thirds-inch 3 CCD color camera format.