NABEF launches new PSAs to commemorate National Freedom of Speech Week

The NAB Education Foundation has launched a new public service announcement campaign commemorating the second annual National Freedom of Speech Week, Oct. 16-20. The new PSAs, made available to radio and TV stations, enlist Americans to reflect on what freedom of speech means in their everyday lives.

National Freedom of Speech Week was launched in 2005 to highlight the importance of free speech.

The new PSAs will be made available online and will include a section that provides ideas for broadcasters who want to emphasize the importance of freedom of speech to their audiences. Examples include:

• Work with local schools to encourage students to submit on-air editorials on issues facing the community and young people.

• Produce a historical vignette about the First Amendment and freedom of speech for broadcast. Interview local history teachers, government officials and others about how freedom of speech has shaped the history of your community and the nation as a whole.

NABEF is a non-profit organization dedicated to serving the public interest in supporting and advocating education and training programs, strategies to increase diversity, initiatives stressing the importance of the First Amendment, community service, philanthropy and other timely broadcasting issues.

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