NAB, et al Asks FAA if Red Tower Sidelights Can Go

The NAB, along with a coalition of wildlife groups, wireless associations and tower builders filed a letter with the Federal Aviation Administration requesting a study on the efficacy of "steady-burning red obstruction sidelights."

The request is in conjunction with an FCC proceeding on the impact of communications towers on migrating birds, which apparently have a tendency to run into steadily burning red lights. The letter notes that the red sidelight requirement is more than 30 years old.

"Accordingly, the Undersigned request that the FAA conduct a conspicuity study to determine whether the use of side-mounted steady red lights (currently, the L-810s) can be eliminated, where currently prescribed for communications towers, without harm to air safety," the letter states.

The "Undersigned" include the NAB, the American Bird Conservancy, Wireless Association CTIA, Defenders of Wildlife, Environmental Defense, the National Association of Tower Erectors, and the Wireless Infrastructure Association.