NAB, Cable Unveil Fresh Branding Efforts

The ancient and beloved NAB logo is going the way of full-power analog.

NAB has unleashed its new logo as part of a "brand rejuvenation" process, replacing the angular letters created in the 1980s.

An NAB statement said the logo is "designed to project broadcasters' dedication and passion for serving communities as well as a commitment to expanding opportunities in the digital age." The group debuted a new "descriptor phrase" of its mission, "Advocacy Education Innovation."

The NAB Show 2008, rebranded from the old format of NAB2007, uses the outgoing NAB logo within its own logo.

Cable companies announced some wordplay of their own, rebuking the name OpenCable Applications Platform (the industry's interactive video platform) in favor of "tru2way".

Developed by industry consortium CableLabs, tru2way technology is built into devices enabling application developers to create applications able to run on any cable system that supports the spec.

Previously, the industry had been talking up the "OpenCable" name for the technology, steering away from the wonkier "OCAP" moniker.

The technology has been already been licensed by several dozen application authoring entities and equipment manufacturers, CableLabs said.