NAB Backs FCC Push to Eliminate Hard Copies of FCC Rules

WASHINGTON—The National Association of Broadcasters backs the FCC’s push to go paperless. In comments filed to the FCC on Monday, Nov. 13, in regards to the commission’s proposal regarding maintenance of hard copies of FCC rules, the NAB “strongly supports” the proposal.

This proposal is part of FCC Chairman Ajit Pai’s media modernization initiative, which will seek to address at least one rule each month to modify or eliminate what it calls “unnecessary or unduly burdensome” regulations.

Under 47 C.F.R. § 74.769, low power TV, TV translator and TV booster stations are required to have a current copy of Volume I and Volume III of FCC rules on hand. FM broadcast translator stations and FM broadcast booster stations are required to do the same under section 74.1269.

“These requirements, however, were established more than 40 years ago, and no longer reflect modern realities about the way in which we acquire and process information,” the NAB’s filing said. “Given licensees’ ability to immediately access FCC rules via the internet, requiring broadcasters to retain hard copies of the rules is no longer necessary. Broadcasters can easily access and review rules online, and download and print copies of any rules as needed.”

NAB claims that the elimination of a mandate to obtain and keep hard copies would help smaller broadcasters cut costs, while the rule in its current iteration offers “no corresponding public interest benefit.”

The full comments can be viewed here.