NAB Ad Campaign Emphasizes Local Broadcasting

(Image credit: NAB)

WASHINGTON—A new flight of audio and video spots is available to stations to highlight the role of local TV and radio stations in the United States.

The National Association of Broadcasters put out the spots focusing on broadcaster news and information.

This is part of its "We Are Broadcasters" initiative, launched in 2013 with the explicit goal of educating policymakers about their constituents’ reliance on local broadcasters. (One of its outreach efforts promotes use of the hashtag #BroadcastGood.)

“The new spots highlight the role local broadcasters have played in providing fact-based reporting and lifeline coverage of significant events nationwide over the past six months, including the COVID-19 pandemic, civil protests and unrest over racial equality, wildfires and hurricanes, and the 2020 political elections,” NAB stated.

Spots are available in English and Spanish. Find them here.